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Hello, I am Dr. Toufiq Hassan Shawon. Founder of Boss Host BD. Passionate Tech Enthusiast, have some expertise in WordPress and SEO. I have my own website named, Shout Me Crunch.

Labor Market in England

england job

The United Kingdom has always been considered a prosperous, rich and stable country with a strong, booming economy. There are always a lot of foreigners trying to relocate to Great Britain. And some of them succeed as the UK is a welcoming country. Besides, high-qualified specialists are needed everywhere. In …

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Leadership is An Asset for Any Organization

Mashrafi Leader

A successful business is made up of quality staff, excellent leaders and agility. A lot of importance is given to leaders in the business world. No matter a small organization, an SME or a huge multi-national company; there have to be leaders to lead the pavilion. If there are no …

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